Suzannah Dean

"For 20 years I had hemorrhoids. I also spent most of that time with black circles under my eyes - something doctors told me was 'normal'. I tried most everything the pharmacy had to offer for my hemorrhoids, and so many vitamin and nutritional supplements for my 'black eyes'. None of them had any effect - only a severe dent on my wallet. I heard about your book on TV and bought it to do something about my hemorrhoids, so I was surprised when I read about the link between my digestive system and the circles under my eyes. After six weeks of following your plan, I have no sign of piles and the blackness under my eyes has completely gone. I would never have believed either of these things was possible. Everyone tells me how much younger I look, and I feel so much better. To be honest, I had forgotten how it looks and feels to be healthy, until I followed your book."