P. McCoy

"This is my story: Four or five times a year I would have a hemorrhoid attack. Veins bulging outside of my bottom, couldn't push them back in. Creams completely useless - tried everything the chemist had to offer. Sitz baths a waste of time. Couldn't sleep because of the pain. Couldn't think because of the pain. Couldn't do anything because of the pain. Really, it was the end. It would last about 15 days. Each time I would think - don't worry, they won't come back again. Of course, they would (for about 10 years). Heard about your book on the radio, and bought it immediately. What a relief. First up, I used your "rescue" treatment, which shrunk them by about half overnight and then completely over the next two days. Then I followed the preventative steps and that was it - nothing more for three years. Would never have believed something so simple (and cheap)could be so effective. I can recommend this book to anyone, it's worth gold."