Testimonials From Hemorrhoids Saviour Readers

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Dr. Michael De Luca, M.D., N.D.
Sydney, Australia

"I recommend this book to all my patients with this problem.

It contains everything you could ever want or need to know about a topic no one likes to talk about.

From a doctor's point of view, half the problem treating any below-the-waist complaint, is getting patients to overcome their embarrassment of discussing it.

If you can't talk about it, reading about it will go a long way in helping you - and there is no better book I have found than this."

Julie Stevens
Julie Stevens
Medical Journalist, Sydney, Australia

"The best book I've read on this subject, and probably one of the most useful health books I've read in ages.

There's so much information, most of which I've never read elsewhere.

For example, the facts about heart disorders and their relationship with hemorrhoids, really scared me into revising my habits and lifestyle.

This book is extremely well-researched and has the potential to prolong your life."

hemorrhoids saviour review
Julie W.
Queensland, Australia

"I had minor hemorrhoids - maybe once or twice a year - a bit of bleeding and discomfort, sometimes a vein popping out a little, a bit itchy now and then. Nothing major but because my mum had them really bad (she ended up having four not-very-successful operations) and she started just like I did, I was always scared mine would get like hers if I didn't get them under control early.

Thankfully, I didn't need your emergency measures, but I am doing all the preventative things you said. I'm not itchy anymore, no more bleeding and going to the toilet was never easier - so it looks to me like they're gone.
I feel much better knowing I am doing everything I can to keep myself healthy and prevent the problem, instead of relying on doctors and drugstores.

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Russell Broadbent
Naturopath, Adelaide, South Australia

"There are very few books available about hemorrhoids. Of those I have read, many contain misleading advice based on the anecdotes of friends and the like.

This is a truly well-researched book, which will give many insights into this problem, and help solve many others.

I was surprised when I read about the relationship between 'piles' and the heart and other organs - it's something they don't teach you at university, yet it makes perfect sense. It has the potential to save you from serious health issues. I've completely changed many of my habits as a consequence of reading this book."

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Stacey M.
Melbourne, Australia

"I know this might sound silly. Maybe I'm just too vain, shy or old-fashioned, but there was no way I was exposing my rear end to a doctor, or going to the pharmacy or health shop to ask for a hemorrhoid treatment.

I was simply just too embarrassed, so for me your book was really a saviour. I wish I had it years ago. I can't believe how quickly I got relief - i mean like overnight - they've never returned and I don't worry about it anymore because if they do, I know exactly what to do.

It's taken so much stress out of my life."

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Sydney, Australia

"My piles were flaring up every few weeks. All the creams and other stuff weren't really helping much and I was worried about using the stronger ones.

"My sex life was really suffering. It was too painful and I was embarrassed that my husband would see them bulging out. He didn't understand why I didn't want sex and I was too embarrassed to tell him I had piles. It was becoming a real issue in our marriage.

Well, I used your rescue treatment, followed the other steps and I've only had one flare-up since - my fault and I know exactly why it happened, but I knew how to quickly put a stop to it.

Janet, I know it might sound over the top to say you saved my marriage, but I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't found your book."

Suzannah Dean
Suzannah Dean
Sydney, Australia

"For 20 years I had hemorrhoids.

I also spent most of that time with black circles under my eyes - something doctors told me was 'normal'.

I tried most everything the pharmacy had to offer for my hemorrhoids, and so many vitamin and nutritional supplements for my 'black eyes'.

None of them had any effect - only a severe dent on my wallet.

I heard about your book on TV and bought it to do something about my hemorrhoids, so I was surprised when I read about the link between my digestive system and the circles under my eyes.

After six weeks of following your plan, I have no sign of piles and the blackness under my eyes has completely gone.

I would never have believed either of these things was possible.

Everyone tells me how much younger I look, and I feel so much better.

To be honest, I had forgotten how it looks and feels to be healthy, until I followed your book."

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Victoria, Australia

"Your book was really empowering. After years of trying to 'manage' this problem, I was actually able to find out why I got them in the first place (something doctors never told me in enough detail).

From there, I've been able to make a few simple modifications that have not only cured me of hemorrhoids but made me healthier in general. This was a really valuable book for me."

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P. McCoy
Tasmania, Australia

"This is my story: Four or five times a year I would have a hemorrhoid attack. Veins bulging outside of my bottom, couldn't push them back in. Creams completely useless - tried everything the chemist had to offer. Sitz baths a waste of time.

Couldn't sleep because of the pain. Couldn't think because of the pain. Couldn't do anything because of the pain. Really, it was the end.
It would last about 15 days. Each time I would think - don't worry, they won't come back again.
Of course, they would (for about 10 years).

Heard about your book on the radio, and bought it immediately.

What a relief.
First up, I used your "rescue" treatment, which shrunk them by about half overnight and then completely over the next two days. Then I followed the preventative steps and that was it - nothing more for three years.

Would never have believed something so simple (and cheap)could be so effective.

I can recommend this book to anyone, it's worth gold."

Western Australia

" I was 73 last month and thought there was no hope of doing anything about my hemorrhoids at my age.

I saw your book on TV, so I thought it was worth a try - the cost was only a couple of tubes of cream, which never did much good anyway.

Even in the first 10 minutes of doing the 'rescue' treatment, I felt relief. Everyday I got a little better. It took about three weeks for them to go completely - not bad considering I have had them for at least 40 years.

It's such a relief to be finally free of this problem. As I've got older, I worried about who would look after this for me if I found myself incapacitated - it's a big relief not to have to worry about it anymore.

I'm too old to be vain anymore - you can use my photo if you like."

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Mrs. L. Young
Brisbane, Australia

"For so many years, I was caught up with all the problems of trying to use laxatives to cure my hemorrhoids.

Now I understand why it wasn't really working - and, in fact, was probably making it worse.

Since I started following your program I have hardly had any problems, feel much better, no more bowel discomfort or pain.

I've seen many doctors over the years and none of them ever gave me this information."

Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis
Sydney, Australia

"I know I'm in a very small minority, but it doesn't bother me to tell the world: I had hemorrhoids for 20 years.

But I'm very happy to say: Not anymore and never again.

After reading your book, I've been hemorrhoid-free for almost two years - which is amazing because I didn't think this was possible.
I hope you make your book available outside Australia because it really is a life-saviour."

Sonia J.
Sonia J.
South Australia

"My specialist recommended banding. I told a friend who had hemorrhoids from her pregnancy. She raved about your book, so I thought: Why not, nothing to lose.

I'll be honest and say I didn't think it could have worked so well or so fast and I thought they must be in there still, hiding and waiting for a chance to come back.

I saw my specialist about a month later - he genuinely couldn't believe it.
He told me he couldn't find any evidence of hemorrhoids.

He asked me what I did and I told him about your treatment.
He said: "That will put me out of business," and made it sound like a joke. But I'll bet he hasn't recommended it to any of his patients.

Thanks, Janet, your book saved me from surgery."

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Rhoda B.
Texas, USA

"Janet, you are simply the best. I've had three surgeries, each about two years apart, and nothing worked for me long term. Now that I have finally cured myself with your advice, I am so angry with my doctors for not telling me this.

"I want to give you my heartfelt thanks. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't find your book.

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Robert J.
Miami, Florida, USA

"I'm 83 and I wanted you to know that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

"You might wonder why someone my age would bother, especially when they had these blasted things for 50 years.

"I woke up one morning and thought: The way I'm going, I could live another 15 years, I've got nothing much wrong with me apart from hemorrhoids, I may as well do something about it.

"I used your rescue treatment for about a week, and it really worked, shrunk them right up (just like you said) did a few of the other things you said, and now I reckon I might go for another 20 years.

"I recommend your book to anyone, and I say if I can do it anyone can."

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New Zealand

"Hi Janet, I just wanted to let you know what a great help your Hemorrhoids Saviour book has been to me.

I have suffered from hemorrhoids since I had my first baby and tried ever cream and pill known to medical science.

It wasn't until I read your book that I worked out why I was still suffering, so many years after.

I've finally been able to cure myself, but I couldn't have done it without your book.

Thanks for the extra support you gave me when I first contacted you - this really helped, gave me the confidence boost I needed to take control of my own health.

"You're a real gem."

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London, U.K.

"It's so nice to find someone more mature with your kind of experience who actually knows what they're talking about.

"I've read so much rubbish about hemorrhoids I hope you will forgive me when I thought yours was going to be the same.

"Your book is really well researched - I was very impressed by how thorough your knowledge is.

"Your methods really do work - I didn't expect them to, so I know it wasn't just my imagination or placebo or whatever it's called.

"I used the shrinking treatment #1 and had relief in about 15 minutes - I could honestly feel the prolapsed vein I had being pulled back in. It took a couple of days to shrink back up completely, that was way faster than anything from the doc.

"I took the other supplements you recommended, and haven't had a hemorrhoid attack for over a year and a half. I used to have pain almost every time I used the bathroom, now nothing.

"I also lost 11 extra kilos, which I can only attribute to your advice.

"It's not an exaggeration to say that your book gave me a new lease on life - I send you my deepest thanks and good karma always."

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M.D. and K.D.
South Africa

"Dear Janet, you might remember I contacted you after I purchased your book a few months ago.

I bought your book for my severe hemorrhoid problem and, as you know, I am one extremely happy man, having had no recurrence of any symptoms after about 20 years of the complaint.

But I didn't tell you how much the advice in your book has helped my wife, who has suffered from chronic IBS for more years than I can remember.

She followed some of your digestion suggestions, and is a new woman as a result. No symptoms of any kind - she has gone from crippling pain every other day to virtually no pain of any kind.

We both send you our biggest thanks and best wishes.