Hemorrhoids Saviour … The Missing Manual

the gut owner’s guide to cure hemorrhoids – fast & forever

“the guide you should have got with your gut”


hemorrhoids saviour


Hemorrhoids Saviour is an easy to follow program for curing your hemorrhoids naturally, quickly and permanently.

It is the only book available written by a qualified healthcare professional – a clinical nutritionist, digestive health specialist and natural therapist with more than 30 years experience in the field.


Hemorrhoids Saviour is the gut owner’s guide to cure hemorrhoids … “the guide you should have got with your gut”.



Hemorrhoids Saviour is the only completely natural system which will show you how to permanently cure your hemorrhoids, and in doing so take the stress off your heart and other organs, and achieve lasting freedom from digestive disorders, using a unique method you will not find anywhere else.

This is a very rare, unique and highly effective hemorrhoid breakthrough, which very few doctors and natural therapists even know about. It will enable you to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Discover how I have helped many thousands of hemorrhoids sufferers – just like you – to be free from this debilitating complaint without drugs, creams, suppositories, surgery or side-effects – faster than they ever imagined – even when their doctors said: “Surgery!”

This program contains all the information you will ever need to be permanently free of hemorrhoids and many associated digestive disorders.
This solution is a scientifically-based approach, with many clinical studies in support. It relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids in as little as 24 hours (sometimes less) and permanently cures the causes.
It also shows you how to prevent recurrences.
It is a 100% natural, safe and powerful treatment which rids your body of the root cause of your hemorrhoids. It is practical and easy to implement.

You may have read claims of “curing” hemorrhoids within 24 – 48 hours. In the majority of cases this is misleading and inaccurate.

Yes, using my methods you can shrink your hemorrhoids in as little as 12-24 hours. (Some sufferers have even told me they felt amazing relief within minutes). And if you have ever suffered the debilitating pain of swollen, protruding or bleeding veins, you will know how much relief you can gain from shrinking them back down to size quickly – without the side effects of conventional drug and pharmacy treatments.

This will allow you to get on with life – go to work, play sport, enjoy a normal social life, have fun with your children …

Then, with my proven yet easy program, you will be able to cure the root causes in a matter of weeks – and enjoy a life permanently free of the pain and disruption this complaint causes.

Why is there so little accurate information available about hemorrhoids?

Simply because it’s a topic very few people feel comfortable discussing – it’s hardly the conversation of choice at a dinner party
or in the office. The majority of people would rather suffer in silence than speak even to a doctor about it.
Did you know, the second most shoplifted item from pharmacies is hemorrhoids preparations? That’s an indication of how embarrassing it can be.
This embarrassment is why there is a lack of information, and so much mis-information.

I’ve also often read that because herbs are 100% natural, they’re 100% safe and free of side effects. Please do not believe this.
Many herbs, including some which are commonly recommended for hemorrhoids, can produce allergic reactions, cause dependency, liver damage and impotence, among other side effects. Some should not be used in pregnancy. Others could interfere with prescription drugs or other medical conditions. Some should not be taken for extended periods of time.
Again, many well-meaning “researchers” simply don’t know how to access the clinical studies that show which herbs, vitamins and supplements are proven effective, and which are a waste of time and money or, even worse, potentially dangerous to your health.
I tell you the findings of scientific research, so you know you’ll get results.

Hemorrhoids Saviour reveals:

Natural, alternative, effective, science-based solutions from a digestive health specialist.

Why hemorrhoids are a red light that something is wrong in your system and in some cases even a warning sign of more serious illness, and what you can do about it

The most powerful 100% natural, safe (and dirt cheap) item that rapidly shrinks hemorrhoids and stops bleeding. The drug and pharmacy industries hope you will never discover this secret weapon – you’ll never need them again

Why you absolutely must cure your hemorrhoids if you have
any heart condition – and why you must cure your hemorrhoids if you want to avoid having a heart condition

The worst foods you should never eat if you want to avoid hemorrhoids

The best anti-hemorrhoid foods you should eat as much as possible (and they’re yummy)

Had hemorrhoids for a long time? Think yours are too severe and beyond help? Told that surgery is the only solution? Don’t believe it – the cure is within. Even if you’ve had hemorrhoids for 40 years and they’re the size of a golf ball, you can win the battle

Already had surgery and they’re back? Don’t worry – with this system, it’s never too late

How to have an invincible digestive system – one which will make you virtually immune to hemorrhoids

Why you must cure this common digestive disorder if you have a heart condition – and why you must cure it if you want to avoid having a heart condition.

This highly effective and award-winning device has saved thousands from surgery. But it’s not common knowledge – most doctors don’t even know about it. Those who do keep it to themselves. You can use it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost

Exactly how to use natural products to get the best results for maximum benefits. The dosage on the bottle may be the recommended amount for maintenance of general good health – but it may be insufficient to treat an actual condition.

Never fear using the toilet again. The simple and safe way to avoid causing pressure or pain

There are many different supplement brands and formulations – but not all are created equal – in fact, some do more harm than good. Some supplements are more easily assimilated than others, giving much greater benefit to your body. I’ve done all the research for you.

Exercises to avoid – and exercies which can not only help cure your hemorrhoids, but improve your sex life, reduce stress and boost digestion

How stress can actually make hemorrhoids worse – and the simple techniques to reverse it

Did you know many of the herbs and supplements widely recommended for hemorrhoids, have actually been discredited in clinical studies – don’t waste your money on old wives’ tales. Learn which stand the scrutiny of science

What is the best, clinically proven (and safe) natural treatment for avoiding and treating hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy?

Does exercise really help? If so, what kind? Some could cause even more damage.

The three-minute breathing technique that can kick-start your fight against hemorrhoids

The “almost magical” natural ingredients which will help you be hemorrhoid-free for life – no matter how long you’ve had them. The bonus is they can even help you live longer

What a master Chinese herbalist believes is a little-known alternative cause of hemorrhoids and how you should address it

Why increasing fibre, eating more fruit and minimising processed foods won’t help if your body is lacking in these overlooked but absolutely essential elements – without them, curing your hemorrhoids could be impossible

You’ve probably heard that if you have hemorrhoids, you should drink more water. What you probably haven’t heard is that it could actually make them worse – how to avoid this common mistake

You’ve probably heard that you should eat more fruit – what if you have diabetes, high blood sugar or weight issues? There’s actually a much better solution. And if you can eat fruits, some are much more effective than others

How and when you eat fruit could be contributing to the severity of your hemorrhoids – the most common advice is actually the worst advice. Avoid this and your body will love you for it

What a leading authority believes is a major cause of hemorrhoids, colon cancer, premature aging and a variety of other common ills, and how the prevention is so easy and so cheap, you won’t believe it until you try.

Why enemas may be your enemy

Why some herbs (such as senna) may do you more harm than good

Why some common hemorrhoid aids actually cause more damage. Which are the most effective? Don’t waste more money buying things that don’t work

Why you must change the way you use the toilet if you want to rid yourself of hemorrhoids

Why you shouldn’t sit on the toilet for more than 2 minutes

What you must do if you have a cold or flu and hemorrhoids

Why some common hemorrhoid aids actually cause more damage. Which are the most effective? Don’t waste more money buying things that don’t work

The best, most effective remedies from Chinese, European and Ayurvedic research

Contemplating surgery? Things you should know and questions you must ask. (But this book will probably change your mind and your need)


Hemorrhoids Saviour allows you to:

Cure the real causes of your hemorrhoids and end your pain and embarrassment permanently

Save hundreds or thousands of dollars in medications, over the counter creams, doctors visits, time off work or surgery

Dramatically enhance heart, digestive and intestinal health

Help prevent future heart and colon problems

End other digestive orders like bloating, IBS, LGS, constipation

Feel more energetic and improve your quality of life

No other hemorrhoids book on the market today contains this much information – I guarantee it!

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